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Cure For Spavin And Ringbone

Cantharides one ounce, Mercurial

Ointment half ounce, Corrosive Sublimate a half drachm, Turpentine one

and a half ounces, Tincture Iodine one ounce, Gum Euphorbium four

ounces. Mix well with one pound of Lard. For spavin or ringbone, cut

the hair away and grease the part well with the ointment, rubbing it in

well. In two days grease the parts with Lard; wash it off in two days

more, and again apply the ointment. So continue until a cure is

effected, which will be in a short time. For bog Spavin, wind gall,

curb or splint, apply the ointment every six days.