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Home Made Maple Sugar

To two pounds of maple (bricks, not cakes) 1

pint water, one-third pipe cream of tartar (or four ounces of glucose

is best); boil slow to a smooth degree, cool, skim. White sugar can be


To keep molasses from sugaring in the barrel; when making the molasses,

to every barrel add twenty pounds of glucose, stir it in.

To lighten the color and aid the flavor of rank, dark molasses, do the

same as above. To allow molasses to cool slowly makes it dark. It

should be stirred lively until cool.

Also to improve sour, rank molasses, take the molasses, for instance,

ten gallons; take five pounds dry C sugar, five pounds glucose, water

two quarts. Boil the sugar and glucose until thoroughly dissolved; add

the molasses, boil five minutes. You can make fine syrup this way.