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Hints On Shaving

Learn to shave right.

Don't shave in a hurry.

Have the water hot enough so that it won't cool too quickly.

Wash the face with soap and hot water before lathering, especially if

the beard is hard.

Have the lather very soapy--thin enough to spread easily, yet thick

enough so it won't drop. Rub well into the face with the brush, then

with the fingers. Th
longer you lather and the more you rub, the easier

the shave.

The hair usually grows downward. Shave with the grain, not against it.

Use a sliding motion, as well as downward.

If you get a nick, wash with cold water. Rubbing the cut with a piece

of lump alum will stop the bleeding at once and help to heal.

Hold the razor properly. Lay it as flat as possible--the back of razor

nearly touching the skin. Have it under easy control. Don't grab it--an

easy position means an easy shave.

A poor strop will spoil the best razor ever made.

To buy a good razor and a cheap strop is pour economy.

If you prefer a swing strop, pull it as tightly as you can. Better use a

stiff strop--cushion or solid--if in doubt.

A serious mistake made by a number of self-shavers is to hold the strop

loose. This bends the invisible teeth and rounds the edge.

Strop your razor before and after shaving. This keeps the edge free from


Dip your razor in hot water before stropping and shaving. This dissolves

the accumulation in the invisible teeth.

Press as hard as you like on the back of the blade, but very lightly on

the edge.

As you reach the end of the strop, turn the razor on the back of the

blade to strop the other side, pulling toward you.

Keep rust away from your strop, and remember that a cut in the strop

will ruin your razor. Don't use a strop that is cut.