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Legal Holidays In Various States

Jan. 1, New Year's Day. All the States (including District of Columbia),

except Mass., Miss. and N. H.

Jan. 19, Lee's Birthday. In Ga., Fla., N. C, S. C., Va., Ala., Ark.

Feb. 12, Lincoln's Birthday. In Col., Conn., Del., Ill., Kans., Mass.,

Minn., Nev., N. J., N. Y., N. Dak., Penn., Wash. and Wyo.

Feb. 22. Washington's Birthday. In all the States and District of

Columbia; in M
ss., observed in the schools.

April 14, 1911, Good Friday. In Ala., Dela., Fla., La., Md., Minn.,

N.J., Penn., Tenn.

April 19, Patriots' Day. In Me. and Mass.

April 26, Confederate Memorial Day. In Ala., Fla., Ga., and Miss.

May, second Sunday, Mothers' Day, recognized in sixteen States.

May 10, Confederate Memorial Day. In N. C and S. C.; in Tenn., second

Friday of May.

May, last Friday, Pioneer Day. In Mont.

May 30, Decoration Day. In all States and Territories, and the District

of Columbia. except Fla., Ga., Ida., La., Miss., N.C., S. C., Tenn.,

Tex. In Va., called Confederate Memorial Day.

June 3, Jefferson Davis' Birthday. In Fla. Ga., Ala., Miss., Tenn., Tex.

and S. C. In La., called Confederate Memorial Day.

July 4, Independence Day. In all States, Territories and the District.

Sept. 4, 1911, Labor Day. In all States, Territories and the District.

except N. Dak.

Oct. 12, Columbus Day. In N. Y., Penn., Ill., Conn., N. J., Mich.,

Mont., Calif., O., Md., Ky., and R. I.

Nov. 1, All Saints' Day. In La.

November--General Election Day. In Ariz., Calif., Col., Del., Fla.,

Ida., Ill. (Chicago, Springfield and East St. Louis only), Ind., Ia.,

Kans., Ky., La., Md., Mich., Minn., Mo., Mont., Nev., N. H., N. J., N.

Mex., N. Y., N. C., N. Dak., O. (5:30 a. m. to 9 a. m. only). Okla.,

Ore. (Presidential only), Penn., R. I., S. C., S. Dak., Tenn., Tex., W.

Va., Wash., Wis., Wyo.

By act of March 3, 1875, elections of Representatives in Congress take

place on the Tuesday next after the first Monday in Nov., 1876, and

every second year thereafter.

Nov. 30, 1911, Thanksgiving Day, observed in all the States, Ariz., N.

Mex. and the Dist. of Col.

December 25, Christmas Day. In all the States, Territories and the


Arbor Day. In Ariz., Me., Md., N. Mex., Wis., Wyo., and Penn., by

appointment of the Governor. Tex., Feb. 22; Neb., Apr. 22; Utah., Apr.

15; R. I., second Friday in May; Mont., second Tuesday in May; Ga.,

first Friday in December; Col. (in the schools), third Friday in Apr.;

Okla., Friday after second Monday in March; Ark., first Saturday in


Half Holidays.

Every Saturday after 12 o'clock noon; in Calif., public offices; in

Ill., cities of 200,000 or more inhabitants; in Md., Mich., N. Y., N.

J., O., Penn., R. I., Va., Dist. of Col. (for banking); New Orleans,

Charleston, La. and Mo., cities of 100,000 or more inhabitants; in Tenn.

(State and county offices); in Col., for June, July, August; in Ind.,

from first Saturday in June to last Saturday in October, for public

offices in counties with a county seat of 100,000 or more population.