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What's In A Name? Origin And Meaning Of Names Of Men


Aaron, Hebrew, a mountain, or lofty.

Abel, Hebrew, vanity.

Abraham, Hebrew, the father of many.

Absalom, Hebrew, the father of peace.

Adam, Hebrew, red earth.

Adolphus, Saxon, happiness and help.

Adrian, Latin, one who helps.

Alan, Celtic, harmony; or Slavonic, a hound.

Albert, Saxon, all bright.

Alexander, Greek, a helper of men.

Alfred, Saxon, all peace.

Alonzo, form of Alphonso, q. v.

Alphonso. German, ready or willing.

Ambrose, Greek, immortal.

Amos, Hebrew, a burden.

Andrew, Greek, courageous.

Anthony, Latin, flourishing.

Archibald, German, a bold observer.

Arnold, German, a maintainer of honor.

Arthur, British, a strong man.

Augustus, Latin, venerable, grand.


Baldwin, German, a bold winner.

Barnaby, Hebrew, a prophet's son.

Bartholomew, Hebrew, the son of him who made the waters to rise.

Beaumont, French, a pretty mount.

Benjamin, Hebrew, the son of a right hand.

Bennett, Latin, blessed.

Bertram, German, fair, illustrious.

Bertrand, German, bright, raven.

Boniface, Latin, a well-doer.

Brian, French, having a thundering voice.


Cadwallader, British, valiant in war.

Caesar, Latin, adorned with hair.

Caleb, Hebrew, a dog.

Cecil, Latin, dim-sighted.

Charles, German, noble-spirited.

Christopher, Greek, bearing Christ.

Clement, Latin, mild-tempered.

Conrad, German, able counsel.

Cornelius, Latin, meaning uncertain.

Crispin, Latin, having curled locks.

Cuthbert, Saxon, known famously.


Daniel, Hebrew, God is judge.

David, Hebrew, well-beloved.

Denis, Greek, belonging to the god of wine.

Douglas, Gaelic, dark gray.

Duncan, Saxon, brown chief.

Dunstan, Saxon, most high.


Edgar, Saxon, happy honor.

Edmund, Saxon, happy peace.

Edward, Saxon, happy keeper.

Edwin, Saxon, happy conqueror.

Egbert, Saxon, ever bright.

Elijah, Hebrew, God the Lord.

Elisha, Hebrew, the salvation of God.

Emmanuel, Hebrew, God with us.

Enoch, Hebrew, dedicated.

Ephraim, Hebrew, fruitful.

Erasmus, Greek, lovely, worthy to be loved.

Ernest, Greek, earnest, serious.

Esau, Hebrew, hairy.

Eugene, Greek, nobly descended.

Eustace, Greek, standing firm.

Evan, or Ivan, British, the same as John.

Evard, German, well reported.

Ezekiel, Hebrew, the strength of God.


Felix, Latin, happy.

Ferdinand, German, pure peace.

Fergus, Saxon, manly strength.

Francis, German, free.

Frederic, German, rich peace.



Gabriel, Hebrew, the strength of God.

Geoffrey, German, joyful.

George, Greek, a husbandman.

Gerald, Saxon, all towardliness.

Gideon, Hebrew, a breaker.

Gilbert, Saxon, bright as gold.

Giles, Greek, a little goat.

Godard, German, a godly disposition.

Godfrey, German, God's peace.

Godwin, German, victorious in Cod.

Griffith, British, having great faith.

Guy, French, a leader.


Hannibal, Punic, a gracious lord.

Harold, Saxon, a champion.

Hector, Greek, a stout defender.

Henry, German, a rich lord.

Herbert, German, a bright lord.

Hercules, Greek, the glory of Hera or Juno.

Horace, Latin, meaning uncertain.

Howel, British, sound or whole.

Hubert, German, a bright color.

Hugh, Dutch, high, lofty.

Humphrey, German, domestic peace.


Ignatius, Latin, fiery.

Ingram, German, of angelic purity.

Isaac, Hebrew, laughter.


Jabez, Hebrew, one who causes pain.

Jacob, Hebrew, a supplanter.

James, or Jaques, beguiling.

Job, Hebrew, sorrowing.

Joel, Hebrew, acquiescing.

John, Hebrew, the grace of the Lord.

Jonah, Hebrew, a dove.

Jonathan. Hebrew, the gift of the Lord.

Joseph, Hebrew, addition.

Joshua, Hebrew, a savior.

Josiah, or Josias, Hebrew, the fire of the Lord.

Julius, Latin, soft-haired.


Lambert, Saxon, a fair lamb.

Lancelot, Spanish, a little lance.

Laurence, Latin, crowned with laurels.

Lazarus, Hebrew, destitute of help.

Leonard, German, like a lion.

Leopold, German, defending the people.

Lewis or Louis, French, the defender of the people.

Lionel, Latin, a little lion.

Llewellin, British, like a lion.

Llewellyn, Celtic, lightning.

Lucius, Latin, shining.

Luke, Creek, a wood or grove.


Manfred, German, great peace.

Mark, Latin, a hammer.

Martin, Latin, martial.

Matthew, Hebrew, a gift or present.

Maurice, Latin, sprung of a Moor.

Meredith, British, the roaring of the sea.

Michael, Hebrew, who is like God.

Morgan, British, a mariner.

Moses, Hebrew, drawn out.


Nathaniel, Hebrew, the gift of God.

Neal, French, somewhat black.

Nicholas, Greek, victorious over the people.

Noel, French, belonging to one's nativity.

Norman, French, one born in Normandy.


Oliver, Latin, an olive.

Orlando, Italian, counsel for the land.

Orson, Latin, a bear.

Osmund, Saxon, house peace.

Oswald, Saxon, ruler of a house.

Owen, British, well descended.


Patrick, Latin, a nobleman.

Paul, Latin, small, little.

Percival, French, a place in France.

Percy, English, adaptation of pierce eye.

Peter, Greek, a rock or stone.

Philip, Greek, a lover of horses.

Phineas, Hebrew, of bold countenance.


Ralph, contracted from Randolph, or Randal, or Rudolph, Saxon, pure


Raymond, German, quiet peace.

Reuben, Hebrew, the son of vision.

Reynold, German, a lover of purity.

Richard, Saxon, powerful.

Robert, German, famous in counsel.

Roderick, German, rich in fame.

Rollo, form of Roland, q.v.

Rufus, Latin, reddish.

Roger, German, strong counsel.

Roland, German, counsel for the land.


Samson, Hebrew, a little son.

Samuel, Hebrew, heard by God.

Saul, Hebrew, desired.

Seth, Hebrew, appointed.

Silas, Latin, sylvan or living in the woods.

Simeon, Hebrew, hearing.

Simon, Hebrew, obedient.

Solomon, Hebrew, peaceable.

Stephen, Greek, a crown or garland.

Swithin, Saxon, very high.


Theobald, Saxon, bold over the people.

Theodore, Greek, the gift of God.

Thomas, Hebrew, a twin.

Timothy, Greek, a fearer of God.

Titus, Greek, meaning uncertain.

Toby, Hebrew, goodness of the Lord.


Valentine, Latin, powerful.

Victor, Latin, conqueror.

Vincent, Latin, conquering.

Vivian, Latin, living.


Walter, German, a conqueror.

Wilfred, Saxon, bold and peaceful.

William, German, defending many.


Zaccheus, Syriac, innocent.



Adela, German, same as Adeline, q. v.

Adelaide, German, same as Adeline, q. v.

Adeline, German, a princess.

Agatha, Greek, good.

Agnes, German, chaste.

Althea, Greek, hunting.

Alice, Alicia, German, noble.

Alma, Latin, benignant.

Amabel, Latin, lovable.

Amy, Amelia, French, beloved.

Angelina, Greek, lovely, angelic.

Anna, or Anne, Hebrew, gracious.

Arabella, Latin, a fair altar.

Aurora, Latin, morning brightness.


Barbara, Latin, foreign or strange.

Bella, Italian, beautiful.

Benedicta, Latin, blessed.

Bernice, Greek, bringing victory.

Bertha, Greek, bright or famous.

Bessie, short form of Elizabeth. q.v.

Blanche, French, fair.

Bona, Latin, good.

Bridget, Irish, shining bright.


Camilla, Latin, attendant at a sacrifice.

Carlotta. Italian, same as Charlotte, q. v.

Caroline, Latin, noble-spirited.

Cassandra, Greek, a reformer of men.

Catherine, Greek, pure or clean,

Charity, Greek, love, bounty.

Charlotte, French, all noble.

Chloe, Greek, a green herb.

Christina, Greek, belonging to Christ.

Clara, Latin, clear or bright.

Constance, Latin, constant.


Dagmar, German, joy of the Danes.

Deborah, Hebrew, a bee.

Diana, Greek, Jupiter's daughter.

Dorcas, Greek, a wild roe.

Dorothy, Greek, gift of God.


Edith, Saxon, happiness.

Eleanor, Saxon, all-fruitful.

Eliza, Elizabeth, Hebrew, the oath of God.

Emily, corrupted from Amelia.

Emma, German, a nurse.

Esther, Hester, Hebrew, secret.

Eudora, Greek, good gift.

Eugenia, French, well-born.

Eunice, Greek, fair victory.

Eva, or Eve, Hebrew, causing life.


Fanny, dim. of Frances, q.v.

Flora, Latin, flowers.

Florence, Latin, blooming, flourishing.

Frances, German, free.


Gertrude, German, all truth.

Grace, Latin, favor.


Hannah, Hebrew, gracious.

Harriet, German, head of the house.

Helen, or Helena, Greek, alluring.

Henrietta, fem. and dim. of Henry, q. v.

Hilda, German, warrior maiden.

Honora, Latin, honorable.

Huldah, Hebrew, a weasel.


Irene, peaceful.

Isabella, Spanish, fair Eliza.


Jane, or Jeanne, fem. of John, q.v.

Janet, Jeanette, little Jane.

Jemima, Hebrew, a dove.

Joan, Joanna. Hebrew, fem. of John, q. v.

Joyce, French, pleasant.

Judith, Hebrew, praising.

Julia, Juliana, fem. of Julius, q. v.


Katherine, form of Catherine, q. v.

Ketura, Hebrew, incense.


Laura, Latin, a laurel.

Lavinia, Latin, of Latium.

Letitia, Latin, joy or gladness.

Lilian, Lily, Latin, a lily.

Lois, Greek, better.

Louisa, German. fem. of Louis, q.v.

Lucretia, Latin, a chaste Roman lady.

Lucy, Latin, fem. of Lucius.

Lydia. Greek, descended from Lud.


Mabel, Latin, lovely or lovable.

Madeline, form of Magdalen, q. v.

Margaret, Greek, a pearl.

Martha, Hebrew, bitterness,

Mary, Hebrew, bitter.

Matilda, German, a lady of honor.

Maud, German, form of Malilda, q.. v.

May, Latin, month of May.

Mercy, English, compassion.

Mildred, Saxon, speaking mild.

Minnie, dim. of Margaret. q. v.


Naomi, Hebrew, alluring.


Olive, Olivia, Latin, an olive.

Ophelia, Greek, a serpent.


Patience, Latin, bearing patiently.

Penelope, Greek, a weaver.

Persis, Greek, destroying.

Philippa, Greek, fem. of Philip.

Phoebe, Greek, the light of life.

Phyllis, Greek, a green bough.

Polly, variation of Molly, dim. of Mary, q. v.

Priscilla, Latin, somewhat old.

Prudence, Latin, discretion.


Rachel, Hebrew, a lamb.

Rebecca, Hebrew, fat or plump.

Rhoda, Greek, a rose.

Rose or Rosa, Latin, a rose.

Rosalind, Latin, beautiful as a rose.

Roxana, Persian, dawn of day.

Rosamond, Saxon, rose of peace.

Ruth, Hebrew, trembling, or beauty.


Sabina, Latin, sprung from the Sabines.

Salome, Hebrew, a princess.

Selina, Greek, the moon.

Sibylla, Greek, the counsel of God.

Sophia, Greek, wisdom.

Susan, Susanna, Hebrew, a lily.


Tabitha, Syriac, a roe.

Theodosia, Creek, given by God.


Ursula, Latin, a she bear.


Victoria, Latin, victory.

Vida, Erse, fem. of David.


Walburga, Saxon, gracious.

Winifred, Saxon, winning peace.


Zenobia, Greek, the life of Jupiter.