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Fire Globes For The Water

Bowls for water-globes must be very large, and the wheels on them of

ten sides: on each side nail a piece of wood four inches long; and on

the outside of each piece cut a groove, wide enough to receive about

one-fourth of the thickness of a four-ounce case: these pieces of wood

must be nailed in the middle of each face of the wheel, and fixed in

an oblique direction, so that the fire from the cases may incline

the wheel being thus prepared, tie in each groove a

four-ounce case filled with a grey charge; then carry a leader from

the tail of one case to the mouth of the other.

Globes for these wheels are made of two in hoops, with their edges

outwards, fixed one within the other, at right angles. The diameter of

these hoops must be rather less than that of the wheel. Having made

the globe, drive in the centre of the wheel an iron spindle which must

stand perpendicular, and its length be four or six inches more than

the diameter of the globe.

The spindle serves for an axis, on which is fixed the globe, which

must stand four or six inches from the wheel; round one side of each

hoop must be soldered little bits of tin, two inches and a half

distance from each other; which pieces must be two inches in length

each, and only fastened at one end, the other ends being left loose,

to turn round the small port-fires, and hold them on: these port-fires

must be made of such a length as will last out the cases on the wheel.

There need not be any port-fires at the bottom of the globe within

four inches of the spindle, as they would have no effect but to burn

the wheel: all the port-fires must be placed perpendicularly from the

centre of the globe, with their mouths outwards, and must be clothed

with leaders, so as all to take fire with the second case of the

wheel; and the cases must burn two at a time, one opposite the other.

When two cases of a wheel begin together, two will end together;

therefore the two opposite end cases must have their ends pinched and

secured from fire. The method of firing such wheels is, by carrying a

leader from the mouth of one of the first cases to that of the other;

and the leader being burnt through the middle, will give fire to both

at the same time.