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Is caused by parasitic worms in the wind pipe, or from a small
tick-like parasite lodged on the head of the chicken when between two
and four months old. Examine the head of the bird, with a pocket lens,
and if the parasite is found, destroy them with the following: One
ounce mercurial ointment, one-half ounce petroleum (crude), one-half
ounce flower of sulphur. Mix by heating, and apply when just warm.

When gapes is caused by worms in the wind pipe, use spirits of
turpentine, it is applied by dipping the end of a feather in the
turpentine, then inserting it in the bird's mouth at the root of the
tongue; generally one operation is all that is required.

To prevent and cure chicken cholera, renovate the coops thoroughly then
saturate the apartments with kerosene oil. Then grease the chicken
under the wings and wherever the feathers are off, use the formula
mentioned for gapes when caused by parasite (on the head), repeat the
greasing process in two weeks, then once a month until the time of
heavy frost in the fall.

The following is an elegant internal treatment. Dissolve four ounces of
hyposulphate of soda in one gallon of water and add corn meal to make a
heavy dough, and give an ordinary feed of this twice a day for six
days, and then once a week through the summer months. In severe cases
give one teaspoonful of the water (without meal) three or four times a
day until out of danger. This is the best known remedy for chicken

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