Wafer, if seen in a dream, purports an encounter with enemies.To eat one, suggests impoverished fortune.For a young woman to bake them, denotes that she will be tormentedand distressed by fears of remaining in the unmarried state.... Read more of Wafer at My Dreams.caInformational Site Network Informational

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If you put a tea-spoonful of a liquor composed of copper infused in
acid of vitriol, into a glass, and add two or three table-spoonfuls of
water to it, there will be no sensible colour produced; but if you add
a little volatile alkali to it, and stir it, you will perceive a very
beautiful blue colour. Add a little acid of vitriol, the colour will
instantly disappear upon stirring it; and by adding a little fixed
alkali dissolved, it will return again.

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