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Science Experiments

Find a list of all of the fun science experiments you can do in your our home.

A Fountain Which Acts By The Heat Of The Sun
A Hundred Different Names Being Written On The Cards To Tell The
A Lamp That Will Burn Twelve Months Without Replenishing
A Liquid That Shines In The Dark
A Luminous Bottle Which Will Show The Hour On A Watch In The Dark
A More Powerful Fulminating Powder
A Person Having An Even Number Of Shillings In One Hand And An Odd
A Person Having Put A Ring An One Of His Fingers To Name The Person
A Powder Which Catches Fire When Exposed To The Air
A Sea-fight With Small Ships And A Fire-ship
A Secret Correspondence By Means Of Invisible Ink
A Vessel That Will Let Water Out At The Bottom As Soon As The Mouth
A Water To Give Any Metal A Gold Colour
A Water Which Gives Silver A Gold Colour
Account Of The Wonderful Effects Of Two Immense Burning-glasses
Aerial Bubbles
Alternate Illusion
Another Curious Experiment With Oil And Water
Another Electric Orrery See Page 92
Another Invisible Green Ink
Another Method
Another Method
Another Way
Another Way
Another Way
Another Way
Arithmetical Squares
Artificial Earthquake
Artificial Earthquake And Volcano
Artificial Illuminations
Artificial Lightning
Artificial Memory
Artificial Rain And Hail
Artificial Thunder
Astonishing Power Of Steam
Balloon Wheels They Are Made To Turn Horizontally: They Must Be
Benzoin Is Used In Fire-works More For Its Pleasant Scent Than Any
Bottles Broken By Air
Caduceous Rockets They Are Such As In Rising Form Two Spiral
Calculation Of The Mass Of Water Contained In The Sea
Candle Bombs
Chemical Illuminations
Chinese Fountains
Composition I Saltpetre Two Ounces Flour Of Sulphur One Ounce
Contrivance For A Watch Lamp Perfectly Safe Which Will Show The
Cork Heavier Than Lead
Curious Account Of The Electric Effects Of A Russian Climate
Curious Effects Of Oil Upon Water And Water Upon Oil
Curious Experiment On Rays Of Light
Curious Experiment With A Glass Of Water
Curious Experiment With A Tulip
Curious Experiments With A Viper
Curious Transcolorations
Dancing Balls
Decorations For Sky-rockets Sky-rockets May Be Decorated According
Different Degrees Of Heat Imbibed From The Sun's Rays By Cloths Of
Dioptrical Paradox
Double Spiral Wheels For These Wheels The Block Or Nave Must Be
Easy And Curious Methods Of Foretelling Rainy Or Fine Weather
Easy Method Of Making A Rain Gauge
Easy Method Of Obtaining Flowers Of Different Colours From The Same
Electrified Air
Example Suppose The Person Wishes His Card To Be The Twentieth
Example Suppose The Three Cards To Be Ten Seven And Six As
Example Suppose The Two Cards To Be As Before Ten And Seven Then
Experiments With Sparrows
Exploding Gas Bubbles
Exploding Salt
Feathers Heavier Than Lead
Fire Globes For The Water
Fixed Sun With A Transparent Face
Flowers Curiously Affected By The Sun And The Weather
Fulminating Gold
Fulminating Mercury
Fulminating Powder
Glass Broken By Air
Golden Ink
Gunpowder Exploded By Reflection
Honorary Rockets These Are The Same As Sky-rockets Except That
Horizontal Water-wheels
Horizontal Wheels They Are Best When Their Fells Are Made
How Far Sound Travels In A Minute
How To Make The Pass Hold The Pack Of Cards In Your Right Hand So
How To Meal Gunpowder Brimstone And Charcoal
Illuminated Phosphorus
Illuminated Prospects
Illuminated Spiral Wheel First Have A Circular Horizontal Wheel
Illuminated Writing
Imitative Fire-works
Inflammable Phosphorus
Interesting Experiment For The Microscope
Invisible Gold Ink
Invisible Green Ink
Invisible Grey Ink
Invisible Ink
Invisible Red Ink
Invisible Silver Ink
Invisible Violet Ink
Invisible Yellow Ink
Iron Transformed Into Copper
Iron Transformed Into Silver
Luminous Liquor
Magic Fountain
Magical Explosion
Magical Transmutations
Method Of Rolling Rocket Cases The Cases Must Be Made Of The
Method Of Taking The Impression Of Butterflies On Paper
Money Augmented By An Optical Illusion
Musical Cascade
Neptune In His Chariot
Never-yielding Cement
Note All The Vents In The Under Side Of The Cases Must Be Lighted
Odoriferous Water-balloons
Of Gunpowder &c
Of Lightning And The Best Method Of Guarding Against Its Mischievous
Of Mixing The Composition The Performance Of The Principal Part Of
Of Painting The Glasses
Of Saltpetre
Of Such Ingredients As Show Themselves In Sparks When Rammed Into
Of Sulphur Or Brimstone
Of The Method Of Mixing Compositions
Opaque Bodies Seemingly Transparent
Pipes Of Communication For Water
Plural Wheels Plural Wheels Are Made To Turn Horizontally And To
Refraction Of Light
Remarkable Effects On The Visual Nerves By Looking Through
Remarkable Properties In Certain Plants
Resin Ignited By Electricity
Scrolls For Rockets Cases For Scrolls Should Be Made Four Or Five
Secret Correspondence
Secret Correspondence By Music
Several Different Cards Being Fixed On By Different Persons To Name
Single Vertical Wheels There Are Different Sorts Of Vertical
Singular Impression On The Visual Nerves By A Luminous Object
Spiral Wheels They Are Only Double Horizontal Wheels And Made
Spirits Ignited By Electricity
Spur Fire
Stands For Rockets Care Must Be Taken In Placing The Rockets
Stars With Points
Subaqueous Exhalation
Swans And Ducks In Water
Table-rockets Table-rockets Are Designed Merely To Show The Truth
The Aeolipiles
The Animated Bacchus
The Animated Feather
The Armed Apparition
The Art Of Bronzing
The Artificial Balloon
The Artificial Halo
The Artificial Landscape
The Artificial Rainbow
The Artificial Spider
The Awn Of Barley An Hydrometer
The Boundless Prospect
The Burnt Writing Restored
The Cameleon Spirit
The Candle Lighted By Electricity
The Card Changed By Word Of Command
The Card Discovered By The Touch Or Smell
The Card Discovered Under The Handkerchief
The Card Found Out By The Point Of The Sword
The Card Hit Upon By The Guess
The Card In The Egg
The Card In The Mirror
The Card In The Opera Glass
The Card In The Pocket-book
The Card In The Ring
The Cemented Bladder
The Changeable Rose
The Convertible Aces
The Convertible Cards
The Cup Of Tantalus
The Deforming Mirrors
The Diagonal Opera Glass
The Distorting Mirror
The Divining Card
The Divining Perspective Glass
The Dodecahedron
The Electric Aurora Borealis
The Electric Ball
The Electric Balloon
The Electric Explosion
The Electric Kite
The Electric Sparks
The Electrical Fountain
The Electrical Orrery
The Electrified Ball
The Electrified Camphor
The Electrified Cotton
The Enchanted Bottle
The Enchanted Palace
The Exploded Bladder
The Exploding Bubble
The Fiery Fountain
The Fiery Shower
The Floating Stone
The Four Confederate Cards
The Four Inseparable Kings
The Globular Fountain
The Hand Fixed By Air
The Hour Of The Day Or Night Told By A Suspended Shilling
The Hydraulic Dancer
The Igniting Mirrors
The Illuminated Cylinder
The Illuminated Fountain That Plays When The Candles Are Lighted
The Illuminated Vacuum
The Illuminated Water
The Inanimate Oracle
The Inconceivable Shock
The Inverted Cards
The Iron Tree
The Lamp Chronometer
The Lead Tree
The Leech A Prognosticator Of The Weather
The Leyden Phial
The Long Card Another Stratagem Connected With The Performance Of
The Luminous Writing
The Magic Bell
The Magic Bottle
The Magic Chase
The Magic Dance
The Magic Picture
The Magic Tube
The Magic Vase
The Magic Verse
The Magic Vessel
The Magical Cascade
The Magical Mirrors
The Magician's Mirror
The Magnetic Cards
The Magnetic Dial
The Magnetic Orrery
The Magnetic Wand
The Magnifying Reflector
The Mercurial Shower
The Mercurial Wand
The Metamorphosed Cards
The Miraculous Luminaries
The Miraculous Portrait
The Mysterious Watch
The Mysterious Writing
The Numerical Cards
The Opaque Box Made Transparent
The Oracular Mirror
The Penetrative Guinea
The Perspective Mirror
The Phantom
The Phial Of The Four Elements
The Philosophical Candle
The Power Of Water
The Power Of Water When Reduced To Vapour By Heat
The Pressure Of Water
The Restored Flowers
The Self-moving Wheel
The Self-moving Wheel
The Silver Tree
The Solar Concerto
The Solar Magic Lantern
The Sublimated Tree
The Talking Busts
The Ten Duplicates
The Three Magical Parties
The Transmuted Cards
The Transposable Pieces
The Travelling Of Light
The Travelling Of Sound Experimentally Proved
The Unconscious Incendiary
The Water Sun
Three Objects Discernible Only With Both Eyes
To Cast Figures In Imitation Of Ivory
To Cause A Brilliant Explosion Under Water
To Change Blue To White
To Change The Cards Which Several Persons Have Drawn From The Pack
To Construct Paper Balloons
To Construct The Camera Obscura
To Discover The Card Which Is Drawn By The Throw Of A Die
To Diversify The Colours Of Flowers
To Draw Easily And Correctly A Landscape Or Any Other Object
To Drive Or Ram Rockets Rockets Are Filled Hollow Otherwise They
To Extract The Silver Out Of A Ring That Is Thick Gilded So That The
To Fill A Bladder With Hydrogen Gas
To Find How Many Square Yards It Would Require To Write All The
To Find The Difference Between Two Numbers The Greatest Of Which Is
To Find The Number Of Changes That May Be Rung On Twelve Bells
To Fire Rockets Without Sticks You Must Have A Stand Of A Block
To Fire Sky-rockets Under Water
To Fix One Rocket On The Top Of Another When Sky-rockets Are Fixed
To Fix Several Rockets To The Same Stick Two Three Or Six
To Form Figures In Relief On An Egg
To Give A Ghastly Appearance To Persons In A Room
To Give Silver The Colour Of Gold
To Give Silver-plate A Lustre
To Load Air Balloons With Stars Serpents &c &c When You Fill
To Make A Ring Suspend By A Thread After The Thread Has Been
To Make A Rocket Form An Arch In Rising Having Some Rockets Made
To Make An Eolian Harp
To Make An Old Gold Chain Appear Like New
To Make Any Number Divisible By Nine By Adding A Figure To It
To Make Artificial Coruscations
To Make Beautiful Transparent Coloured Water
To Make Crackers
To Make Luminous Writing In The Dark
To Make Moulds Of Horn
To Make Pictures Of Birds With Their Natural Feathers
To Make Pomatum With Water And Wax
To Make Several Rockets Rise Together Take Six Or Any Number Of
To Make Squibs And Serpents
To Make The Appearance Of A Flash Of Lightning When Any One Enters A
To Make The Phosphorus Match Bottles
To Make Touch Paper
To Melt A Piece Of Money In A Walnut-shell Without Injuring The
To Melt Iron In A Moment And Make It Run Into Drops
To Name The Rank Of A Card That A Person Has Drawn From A Piquet
To Observe An Eclipse Of The Sun Without Injury To The Eye
To Prepare Charcoal For Fire-works
To Procure Hydrogen Gas
To Produce Beautiful Fire-works In Miniature
To Produce Fire By The Mixture Of Two Cold Liquids
To Produce Fire From Cane
To Produce Metallic Lead From The Powder
To Produce The Appearance Of A Flower From Its Ashes
To Produce The Appearance Of A Spectre On A Pedestal In The Middle Of
To Pulverize Saltpetre
To Remove Stains And Blemishes From Prints
To Represent A Storm At Sea
To Represent Cascades Of Fire
To Separate The Two Colours Of A Pack Of Cards By One Cut
To Set Fire To A Combustible Body By Reflection
To Show That The White Of Eggs Contains An Alkali
To Show The Pressure Of The Atmosphere
To Show The Spots In The Sun's Disk By Its Image In The Camera
To So Fill A Glass With Water That It Cannot Be Removed Without
To Soften Horn
To Soften Iron Or Steel
To Spin Sealing-wax Into Threads By Electricity
To Take A Plaster-of-paris Cast From A Person's Face
To Take Impressions Of Coins Medals &c
To Tell A Person Any Number He May Privately Fix On
To Tell Any Number A Person Has Fixed On Without Asking Him Any
To Tell By A Watch Dial The Hour When A Person Intends To Rise
To Tell How Many Cards A Person Takes Out Of A Pack And To Specify
To Tell The Amount Of The Numbers Of Any Three Cards That A Person
To Tell The Amount Of The Numbers Of Any Two Cards Drawn From A
To Tell The Card That A Person Has Touched With His Finger
To Tell The Number Of Points On Three Cards Placed Under Three
To Tell The Number Of The Cards By Their Weight
Two Figures One Of Which Blows Out And The Other Re-lights A
Two Inodorous Bodies Become Very Pungent And Odorous By Mixture
Vegetable Air-bubbles
Water Boiled By Air
Water Colder Than Ice
Water Fire-fountains
Water-gilding Upon Silver
Weather Table
White Ink For Writing On Black Paper
Winter Changed To Spring
Withered Fruit Restored
Wonderful Nature Of Lightning
Writing On Glass By The Rays Of The Sun
Snap But In The Great Operations Of Nature The Light Is What We Call Lightning And The Sound Produced At The Same Time Though
The Alteration As The A Into D The C Into A E D G O Or Q The I Into B D Or L The L Into T The O
The Revolutions Of The Heavenly Bodies Forming What Is Called The Electrical Orrery Let A Single Wire With The Extremities Point
Them Before The Fire As If To Dry The Names Just Written The Word Law Will Presently Change Into Old Woman
There Must Also Be A Glass Planned To Rise Up And Down In The Groove A B And So Managed By A Cord And Pulley C D E F That It May
Visible Now You Will Observe That By Altering The A In The Word Law Into D And Adding O Before The L And Oman After The W It Bec