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Wise Things and Facts Worth Knowing

Find a list of wise facts worth knowing.

A Branding Ink
A Certain Cure For Drunkenness
A Cure For Cancer As Used By A New York Physician With Great Success
A Gelatine Mould For Casting Plaster Ornaments
A Gold Plate For Small Articles Without A Battery
A Good Idea
A New Art Or The Lightning Interest Rules
A Number One Chocolate Drop
A Sure Cure For Piles
A Sure Cure For Small Pox
Advice To The Young Man
Age Of Cattle
Age Of Sheep And Goats
Alcoholic Poisoning
Almond Bars
Angler's Secret No 1
Angler's Secret No 2
Another Cough Cure Good
Another Salve
Apoplexy And Fits Generally
Apparent Death From Drunkenness
Arabian Horse Tamer's Secret
Aromatic Schiedam Schnapps
Art Of Etching On Copper
Artificial Gold
Artificial Honey
Artificial India Rubber
Artificial Maple Sugar
Artificial Oysters
August Flower
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral
Balm Of A Thousand Flowers
Barber's Shampooing Mixture
Bay Rum Equal To The Best Imported
Beautiful Blue Writing Fluid
Best Condition Powders
Best Pinchback Gold
Black Copying Ink Or Writing Fluid
Black Ink
Black Ink
Black Sealing Wax
Bleeding From The Nose
Blood Purifier Bbb
Blue Ink
Bluing For Clothes
Body In Flames
Bogardus' Liniment
Boot And Shoe Blacking
Boschee's German Syrup
Boston Chips
Bottle Wax
Brilliant Red Ink
Brilliant Self-shining Stove Polish
Bristol's Tooth Powder
Brittle And Contracted Hoofs
Brown Ink
Brown's Bronchial Troches
Bucher's Carmine Ink
Burning Fluid
Butter Creams
Candy Penny Pop-corn Pieces
Catarrh Positive Cure
Cathartic Pills
Celebrated Moth And Freckle Lotion
Cement For Leather
Centaur Liniment
Champagne Cider
Cheap Chocolates
Chemical Compound
Chocolate Coating
Cider Without Apples
Cleaning Compound
Cocoanut Cream Ice
Cold Sugar Icing
Commercial Writing Ink
Common Ink
Common Twist Candy
Condition Powder
Contracted Hoof And Sore Feet
Copying Pad
Corns - A Sure Cure And Painless Eradication
Cough Drops
Court Plaster
Cracked Heels
Cream Taffy
Crystal Cement
Cure For Scratches
Cure For Sore Throat In All Its Different Forms
Cure For Spavin And Ringbone
Cure For Sweeney
Curious Things
Curloline For Making The Hair Curl
Cuts And Wounds
Cuts Wounds And Sores
Date And Fig Creams
Date Or Fig Squares
Davis' Pain Killer
Dirt In The Eye
Dislocated Thumb
Distilling Whisky From Molasses
Drops Of Life
Egyptian Cement
English Gin
Everlasting Fence Posts
Extract Of Lemon
Eye Water
Eye Water
Factory Cream Dough
Fainting Hysterics Etc
Fair Ground Lemonade
Farcy And Glanders
Fate Of The Apostles
Fever And Ague
Fig Candy
Fine Peppermint Lozenges
Fire Kindlers
Fire-proof Paint
Florida Water
Fly Poison
For Bone Spavin
For Cleaning Marble
For Heartburn Lozenges
For Poll Evil
For White Or Red
For Yellow
Freezing Mixture
French Brandy
French Furniture Polish
French Lustral
French Polish Or Dressing For Leather
Furniture Polish
Furniture Polish
Glue For Cementing Paper And Leather
Godfrey's Cordial
Gold Ink
Good Brown Butter-scotch
Great Arabian Heave Remedy
Green Ink
Green Mountain Salve
Hair Dyes No 1
Hair Oil
Hair Restorative
Hair Restorative And Invigorator
Hair Tonic
Hall's Balsam For The Lungs
Hall's Honey Of Hoarhound And Tar
Hamlin's Wizard Oil
Handy Facts To Settle Many Arguments
Handy Water Pens
Harter's Iron Tonic
Healing Salve
Home Made Maple Sugar
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Hop Bitters
Horticultural Ink
Hostetter's Bitters
How A Copyright Is Secured
How To Eat Fire
How To Fasten Rubber To Wood And Metal
How To Imitate Gold
How To Increase The Weight Of Gold
How To Ornament Cakes
How To Protect Your Invention
How To Tell The Age Of A Horse
How To Test The Richness Of Milk
Hunters' And Trapper's Secret
Ice Cream
Imitation Gold
Imitation Hand-made Chocolate
Imitation Of Ground Glass
Imitation Silver
Imperial Onguent For Forcing Whiskers And Mustache To Grow
Improved Troy Starch Enamel
Indelible Ink For Glass Or Metal
Indelible Ink For Marking Linen
Indelible Ink To Mark Linen
Indelible Marking Ink Without A Preparation
Indestructible Lamp Wicks
Injection Brou
Ink Powder
Invisible Ink
Irish Or Scotch Whisky
Iron Or Steel Spiculae In The Eye
Italian Cream Operas
Ixl Baking Powder
Jap Cocoanut
Jayne's Expectorant
Jayne's Tonic Vermifuge
Jockey Club
Jockey Tricks
Kangaroo Cement
Ladies' Own
Leather Cement
Lemon Ice
Lightning And Sunstroke
Lime In The Eye
Liniment Good Samaritan
Liniment To Kill Pain
Liquid Cement
Liquid For Curling The Hair
Liquid Glue
Liquid Mucilage
Luminous Ink
Lung Medicine
Madeira Wine
Magic Oil
Magnetic Ointment
Magnetic Toothache Drops
Mahogany Furniture Varnish
Manheim Or Jeweler's Gold
Manner Of Application
Maple Caramels
Mason's Frozen Perfume
Mercury Or Arsenic
Molasses Candy
Molasses Pop-corn Balls
Molasses Taffy
Molds Of Glue And Molasses Such As Rodgers Uses For Making His Statuettes
Moulds And Dies
Mucilage For Labels
Muriate Of Tin Tin Liquor
Mustang Liniment
New England Soap
New Invisible Ink
New York Barber's Star Hair Oil
New York Barber's Star Hair Oil
Nitrate Of Silver
Nut Taffy
Oil Paste For Blacking Boots And Shoes
Ointment Stramonium
Oleomargarine Manufacture
On Treatment
Opera Creams
Opium And Other Narcotics
Orange Ice
Original And Genuine Silver Plating
Oroide Gold
Paint For Rough Woodwork
Paradise Liniment
Paste That Will Not Sour
Paste To Produce Whiskers
Patent Blacking
Patent Glue
Patent Soap
Peppermint Rose Or Hoarhound Candy
Pine Tree Tar Cough Candy
Piso's Consumption Cure
Plain Court Plaster
Poll Evil And Fistula
Port Wine
Portable Lemonade
Poultry Lousiness
Powder For Cleaning And Polishing Tin Britannia And Brassware
Powder For The Complexion
Prevention And Cure Of Hog Cholera
Raisin Candy
Rat Mouse And Roach Exterminator
Red Center
Red Ink
Red Ink
Red Sealing Wax
Royal Washing Powder
Rubber Hand Stamps
Rubber Stamps For Photographs
Russia Salve
Said To Be Good For Grip
Scalds And Burns
Seven Seals Of Golden Wonder
Shaker's Cutive Syrup
Shaving Soap
Sherry Wine
Silver Fluid
Silver Ink
Silver Plating Fluid
Silver Polish For Tin Brass And Metallic Articles
Silvering Powder
Smith's Tonic
Sour Lemon Drops
Sozodont Fragrant
Specific Inflammatory Rheumatism
Sss Fluid
St Croix Rum
St Jacob's Oil
Stencil Cutting
Stick Candy
Sticks Like A Brother
Sticky Fly Paper
Succus Alterns Mcdade's
Suffocation From Noxious Gases Etc
Superior Paint For Brick Houses To Lime Whitewash Add For A Fastener
Sure Corn Cure
Swain's Vermifuge
Symptoms Of The Disease Hog Cholera
Taking Leaf Photographs
Tetter Ointment
The Adulterations Used By Certain Factories
The Art Of Painting Glass
The Centennial Illuminating Oil
The Disposition And Character Of The Hog
The Housekeeper's Friend Or Electric Powder
The Lightning Ink Eraser
The Magic Annihilator
The Mind Cure
The Single Tax
The Treatment Of Fowls
Ticketing Ink For Grocers Etc
Tin Cans
To Beautify The Teeth And Make The Breath Smell Sweet And Pleasant
To Bore Holes In Glass
To Clarify Liquids
To Clean Britiannia Ware
To Clean China
To Clean The Teeth
To Clean Wine Decanters
To Cook Over Maple Sugar
To Etch Upon Glass
To Fasten Paper To Tin
To Frost Window Panes
To Harden Wood
To Make A Candy House
To Make A Delicious Candy Cocoanut Cake
To Make Artificial Marble For Paper Weights Or Other Fancy Articles
To Make Eggs Of Pharaoh's Serpents
To Make Pads
To Make Rubber Stamp Ink
To Make The Cheeks And Lips Rosy
To Make The Hair Soft And Glossy
To Make Wax Flowers
To Mend Iron
To Mend Tinware By The Heat Of A Candle
To Neutralize Whisky To Make Various Liquors
To Prevent Store Windows From Steaming
To Remove Freckles
To Remove Tape Worm
To Shell Cocoanuts
To Strengthen And Invigorate The System
To Take Fac-similes Of Signatures
To Take Stains Out Of Mahogany
To Transfer Printed Matter And Print From It Again
To Whiten And Soften The Hands
To Whom Letters Patent Are Granted
To Work Over Scraps Of Candy
To Write Secret Letters
Toothache Drops
Trade Marks Labels Prints Etc
Travelers' Ink
Unshrinkable Patterns
Upper Ten
Violent Shocks
Violet Copying Ink
Wakefield's Blackberry Balsam
Wakefield's Wine Bitters
Walnut Caramels
Warner's Safe Cure
Warner's Tippecanoe Bitters
Warts And Corns To Cure In Ten Minutes
Washing Fluid
Water Ices
Water-proof And Fire-proof Cement For Roofs Of Houses
Water-proof For Leather
What To Do
What To Invent
White Ink
Wolf's Liniment
Wounds And Cuts