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Taking Leaf Photographs

A very pretty amusement, especially for those
who have just completed the study of botany, is the taking of leaf
photographs. One very simple process is this: At any druggist's get an
ounce of Bichromate of Potassium. Put this into a pint bottle of water.
When the solution becomes saturated--that is, the water is dissolved as
much as it will--pour off some of the clear liquid into a shallow dish;
on this float a piece of ordinary writing paper till it is thoroughly
moistened, let it dry in the dark. It should be a bright yellow. On
this put the leaf, under a piece of black soft cloth and several sheets
of newspaper. Put these between two pieces of glass (all the pieces
should be of the same size) and with spring clothespins fasten them
together. Expose to a bright sun, placing the leaf so that the rays
will fall upon it as nearly perpendicular as possible. In a few moments
it will begin to turn brown; but it requires from half an hour to
several hours to produce a perfect print. When it has become dark
enough, take it from the frame, and put it into clear water, which must
be changed every few minutes until the yellow part becomes white.
Sometimes the leaf veinings will be quite distinct. By following these
directions it is scarcely possible to fail, and a little practice will
make perfect.

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