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The Disposition And Character Of The Hog

In all histories of animals, the hog stands a natural phenomenon, and
alone in relation to his appetite and physical constitution. The hog is
the only kind of animal known to man that can feed on any kind of food.
The stomach of the hog is adapted both to flesh and grass, which is not
the case with any other animal in all the history of animals. Another
peculiarity of his nature is his great ferociousness; perhaps the hog
is more valiant than any animal known. The ferocious and warlike
disposition (perhaps) is one among the reasons of this animal's great
health. There are very few diseases among animals that the hog is
subject to; in fact, it (the Cholera) is the only disease to be greatly
feared among that order of animals; and as this great and valuable
remedy is found and demonstrated beyond the shadow of a doubt, the
farmer may go on raising and feeding his hogs with the full assurance
that his labors will not be lost. He can improve his hogs with
confidence and assurance that health and prosperity will be the rich
reward of his labors.

There is more money made in the culture and growing of hogs than any
animal in the known world; notwithstanding the great loss by Cholera,
there is no one but what will say amen to this fact. Even Boone County
loses $100,000.00 worth of hogs with the Cholera, annually. There are
114 counties in the State of Missouri. Now make the calculation of the
great saving of money by this invaluable discovery for the prevention
and cure of the above disease. We see that if all farmers and traders
in hogs had this book, and carried out its instructions, it would save
$11,400,000.00 for the State of Missouri, which amount would soon
enable Missouri or any other State that observes this book's
instructions to be the richest State in the Union.

There is no farmer but that will become wealthy if he uses economy,
industry and has the Stephen's Remedy for Hog Cholera.

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