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To Make A Candy House

House for a show window. Take any design you
fancy, of card board. Cut out the windows; place this on your candy
slab. Now with a lead pencil mark out your design, and as many of each
piece as you need (it is a good idea to make an extra piece so if you
break one you can go ahead). Now take of the icing sugar and fill your
paper funnel as if for cake icing, and overline the pencil marks you
made on the stone. When done you find you have a frame that will hold
hot candy. Boil a batch of Barley Square goods (mentioned in this
book), and pour on some in a dipper; take this and pour in your icing
sugar frame or patterns you made on the stone, when half cold, so as
not to run; run a thin knife under them carefully, lift them and lay
them in a different place on the stone; when you have moulded all cut
off the icing sugar that sticks to the candy. Then put your candy house
together, sides first, and take pieces of lemon stick candy, dip them
in the hot candy, and stick in the bottom and top corners of your
house; hold them a few seconds to cool, then finish likewise. When
done, take your icing sugar and funnel paper and on the outside corners
of the candy house put icing sugar and the windows finish the same.
Candies, if desired, can be stuck on with the icing sugar, etc. The
icing sugar should be stiff for a nice job, and will hide the corners.

Candy pyramids can be made this way also.

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