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There Must Also Be A Glass Planned To Rise Up And Down In The Groove A B And So Managed By A Cord And Pulley C D E F That It May

raised up and let down by the cord coming through the outside of the
box. On this glass, the spectre, (or any other figure you please,)
must be painted in a contracted or equal form, as the figure will
reflect a greater length than it is drawn.

When you have lighted the lamp in the lantern, and placed the mirror
in a proper direction, put the box on a table, and, setting the
chafing-dish in it, throw some incense, in powder, on the coals. You
then open the trap door and let down the glass in the groove slowly,
and when you perceive the smoke diminish, draw up the glass, that the
figure may disappear, and shut the trap door.

This exhibition will afford a deal of wonder; but observe, that all
the lights in the room must be extinguished; and the box should be
placed on a high table, that the aperture through which the light
comes out may not be seen.

There are many other pleasing experiments which may be made with the
magic lantern, but the limits of our work will not permit us to
specify them, without excluding many other equally interesting
subjects of a different nature.

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