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The Travelling Of Light

Light travels at the rate of a hundred and fifty thousand miles in a
single second; and it is seven minutes in passing from the sun to the
earth, which is nearly a distance of seventy millions of miles. Such
is the rapidity with which these rays dart themselves forward that a
journey they thus perform in less than eight minutes, a ball from the
mouth of a cannon would not complete in several weeks! But the
minuteness of the particles of light are still several degrees beyond
their velocity; and they are therefore harmless, because so very
small. A ray of light is nothing more than a constant stream of minute
parts, still flowing from the luminary, so inconceivably little, that
a candle in a single second of time, has been said to diffuse several
hundreds of millions more particles of light, than there could be
grains in the whole earth, if it were entirely one heap of sand. The
sun furnishes them, and the stars also, without appearing in the least
to consume, by granting us the supply. Its light is diffused in a wide
sphere, and seems inexhaustible.

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