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The Blue-stocking Club

Towards the close of the last century, there met at Mrs. Montague's a
literary assembly, called "The Blue-Stocking Club," in consequence of
one of the most admired of the members, Mr. Benjamin Stillingfleet,
always wearing blue stockings. The appellation soon became general as
a name for pedantic or ridiculous literary ladies. Hannah More wrote a
volume in verse, entitled The Bas Bleu: or Conversation. It proceeds
on the mistake of a foreigner, who, hearing of the Blue-Stocking Club,
translated it literally Bas Bleu. Johnson styled this poem "a great
performance." The following couplets have been quoted, and remembered,
as terse and pointed:--

"In men this blunder still you find,
All think their little set mankind."

"Small habits well pursued betimes,
May reach the dignity of crimes."

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