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Writing Up The Times Newspaper

Dr. Dibdin, in his Reminiscences, relates:--"Sir John Stoddart
married the sister of Lord Moncrieff, by whom he has a goodly race of
representatives; but, before his marriage, he was the man who wrote
up the Times newspaper to its admitted pitch of distinction and
superiority over every other contemporary journal. Mark, gentle reader,
I speak of the Times newspaper during the eventful and appalling
crisis of Bonaparte's invasion of Spain and destruction of Moscow. My
friend fought with his pen as Wellington fought with his sword: but
nothing like a tithe of the remuneration which was justly meted out to
the hero of Waterloo befel the editor of the Times. Of course, I speak
of remuneration in degree, and not in kind. The peace followed. Public
curiosity lulled, and all great and stirring events having subsided, it
was thought that a writer of less commanding talent, (certainly not
the present Editor,) and therefore procurable at a less premium,
would answer the current purposes of the day; and the retirement of Dr.
Stoddart, (for he was at this time a civilian, and particularly noticed
and patronised by Lord Stowell,) from the old Times, and his
establishment of the New Times newspaper, followed in consequence. But
the latter, from various causes, had only a short-lived existence. Sir
John Stoddart had been his Majesty's advocate, or Attorney-General, at
Malta, before he retired thither a second time, to assume the office
of Judge."

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