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Art Of Etching On Copper

Having obtained a piece of fine Copper,
which will be well polished, make a mixture of Beeswax and a small
quantity of Resin; melt these together, and when thoroughly
incorporated by stirring, take a camel's hair brush and cover the
plate, which must previously be warmed by the fire, with an even
coating of the mixture.

When the mixture becomes hardened upon the plate, sketch the desired
object upon the surface, then take an etching point, a large needle
fixed in a handle will do, and cut through the wax to the surface of
the copper, taking care to make the lines as distinct as possible.

This being done, raise a border of wax all around the plate, then pour
strong Nitric Acid on the plate to the depth of an inch. The Acid will
eat away the copper in those places which have been bared by the
etching point. From time to time pour off the acid and wash the plate
to see how the work is going on. Stop up with wax those places that
appear to be etched deep enough, pour Acid upon the others, and let it
remain until the process is completed. This done, melt off the wax
clean the plate, and the etching is ready for the press. This is an
employment from which a good remuneration may be derived.

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