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Method Of Rolling Rocket Cases The Cases Must Be Made Of The

strongest cartridge-paper, and rolled dry. The case of a

middling-sized rocket will take up paper of four or five sheets thick;

having cut your papers to a proper size, and the last sheet with a

slope at one end, fold down one end, and lay your former on the double

edge, and when you have rolled on the paper within two or three turns,

lay the next sheet on that part which is loose, and roll it all on.

Then, in order to
roll the case as hard as possible, place it on a

table, and with a smooth board roll it for some time forwards on the

table, till it becomes quite hard and firm. This must be done with

every sheet. You have next to choke the case; for which purpose draw

your former a little distance from the bottom, then, with a cord, once

round the case, pull it rather easy at first, and harder, till you

have closed the end. To make it easy, you may dip the ends of the

inner sheets in water before rolling, then bind it with small twine.

Having thus pinched and tied the case so as not to give way, put it

into the mould without its foot, and with a mallet drive the former

hard on the end-piece, which will force the neck close and smooth.

This done, cut the case to its proper length, allowing from the neck

to the edge of the mouth half a diameter, which is equal to the

height of the nipple; then take out the former, and drive the case

over the piercer with a long rammer, and the vent will be of a proper


Having formed your cases, we will now proceed to the description of

the ingredients necessary for the rocket.