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Of Sulphur Or Brimstone

Sulphur is by nature the food of fire, and one of the principal

ingredients in gunpowder, and in almost all compositions of

fire-works; therefore, great care ought to be taken of its being good,

and brought to the highest perfection. Now, to know when the sulphur

is good, you are to observe that it be of a high yellow; and if, when

held in one's hand, it crackles and bounces, it is a sign that it is

fresh and good: but as the method of reducing brimstone to a powder is

very troublesome, it is better to buy the flour ready made, which is

done in large quantities, and in great perfection; but when a great

quantity of fire-works is to be made, it is best to use the lump

brimstone ground, in the same manner as gunpowder.