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Canary Birds

How to Keep Them Healthy and in Good Song.

Place the cage so that no draught of air can strike the bird.

Give nothing to healthy birds but rape, hemp, canary seed, water,

cuttle-fish bone, and gravel, paper or sand on floor of cage.

A bath three times a week;

The room should not be overheated.

When moulting keep warm and avoid all draughts of air.

Give plenty of German summer rape seed. A little hard-boiled egg mixed

with cracker, grated fine, once or twice a week, is excellent.

Feed at a certain hour in the morning.

Diseases and Cures.

Husk or Asthma.--The curatives are aperients, such as endive, water

cresses, bread and milk, and red pepper.

Pip.--Mix red pepper, butter and garlic and swab out the throat.

Sweating.--Wash the hen in salt and water, and dry rapidly.

Costiveness.--Plenty of green food and fruit.

Obstruction of the Rump Gland--Pierce with a needle. Press the inflamed

matter out, and drop fine sugar over the wound.

Lice.--Keep a saucer of fresh water in the cage and the bird will free


Overgrown Claws or Beak.--Pare carefully with a sharp knife.

Moulting.--Give plenty of good food and keep warm. Saffron and a rusty

nail put in the drinking water is excellent.

Loss of Voice.--Feed with paste of bread, lettuce and rape seed with

yoke of egg. Whisky and sugar is an excellent remedy.