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Care Of The Skin

A beautiful skin is smooth, soft and clear; the color varies in

different individuals. In perfect health it is moist and with the

delicate shading of a flower--climate, hair and eyes, of course,

determining the color, and the continued beauty of it depending upon

pure blood, fresh air and sunlight, also perfect cleanliness and care.

The pores should always be kept free from obstruction and extremes of

and cold avoided as much as possible. In health, the care of the

skin is a simple matter, massage being a great factor, assisted always

by the use of pure creams. A good cleansing cream is a great necessity,

as it enters the pores and frees them from dirt, leaving the skin soft

and pliable, in which condition it is ready to absorb the skin food when

the finger massage is given, making it possible for the gentle electric

current to force the ointment into the deeper layers of the skin, thus

effecting the removal of moth patches, tan, freckles and other

discolorations and imperfections. The vibratory massage should follow,

the purpose of which is to stimulate the tissues, throwing off worn-out

particles and increasing the circulation of the blood by giving proper

exercise to the facial muscles, thereby restoring and preserving the

color and contour, making the skin beautiful, clear, eradicating and

preventing wrinkles.

The use of a pure face powder is absolutely necessary. Best results are

obtained by using a blended powder, as the skin tint is thus assured.