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Care Of The Eyes

In consequence of the increase of affections of the eye, a specialist

has recently formulated the following rules to be observed in the care

of the eyes for school work: A comfortable temperature, dry and warm

feet, good ventilation; clothing at the neck and on other parts of the

body loose; posture erect, and never read lying down or stooping. Little

study before breakfast or directly after a heavy meal; none at all at

twilight or late at night; use great caution about studying after

recovery from fevers; have light abundant, but not dazzling, not

allowing the sun to shine on desks or on objects in front of the

scholars, and letting the light come from the left hand or left and

rear; hold book at right angles to the line of sight or nearly so; give

eyes frequent rest by looking up. The distance of the book from the eye

should be about fifteen inches. The usual indication of strain is

redness of the rim of the eyelid, betokening a congested state of the

inner surface, which may be accompanied with some pain. When the eye

tires easily rest is not the proper remedy, but the use of glasses of

sufficient power to aid in accommodating the eye to vision.