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Cleansing The Teeth

Preparations for cleansing the teeth and purifying the mouth should be

free from all acids, and should be saponaceous or soapy, containing as

one of the principal ingredients an alkali to neutralize the acids and

destroy the animal and vegetable parasites which, as the microscope

would show us, are in the secretions of almost every person's mouth.

A finely triturated powder having slight abrasive properties, but free

from dangerous grit, should be used as the complement of a liquid. One

way to use both is to pour on the wet brush or into the palm of the hand

a sufficient quantity of powder and moisten it with the liquid.

Occasionally the powder or the liquid alone could be employed. Be

careful to use a liquid and powder of established reputation.

Beware of thy teeth.

Take good care of thy teeth,

And they will take good care of thee.