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Lord Hervey's Wit

Horace Walpole records Lord Hervey's memorable saying about Lord

Burlington's pretty villa at Chiswick, now the Duke of Devonshire's,

that it was "too small to inhabit, and too large to hang to your watch;"

and Lady Louisa Stuart has preserved a piece of dandyism in eating, which

even Beau Brummell might have envied--"When asked at dinner whether he

would have some beef, he answered, 'Beef? oh, no! faugh! don't you know

I never eat beef, nor horse, nor any of those things?'"--The man that

said these things was the successful lover of the prettiest maid of

honour to the Princess of Wales--the person held up to everlasting

ridicule by Pope--the vice-chamberlain whose attractions engaged the

affections of the daughter of the Sovereign he served; and the peer

whose wit was such that it "charmed the charming Mary Montague."

* * * * *