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Jerrold's Rebuke To A Rude Intruder

Douglas Jerrold and some friends were dining once at a tavern, and had a

private room; but after dinner the landlord, on the plea that the house

was partly under repair, requested permission that a stranger might

take a chop in the apartment, at a separate table. The company gave the

required permission; and the stranger, a man of commonplace aspect, was

brought in, ate his chop in silence, and then fell asleep--snoring so

loudly and discordantly that the conversation could with difficulty be

prosecuted. Some gentleman of the party made a noise; and the stranger,

starting out of his nap, called out to Jerrold, "I know you, Mr. Jerrold,

I know you; but you shall not make a butt of me!" "Then don't bring your

hog's head in here!" was the instant answer of the wit.

* * * * *