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French-english Jeu-de-mot

The celebrated Mrs. Thicknesse undertook to construct a letter, every

word of which should be French, yet no Frenchman should be able to read

it; while an illiterate Englishman or Englishwoman should decipher it

with ease. Here is the specimen of the lady's ingenuity:--

"Pre, dire sistre, comme and se us, and pass the de here if yeux canne,

and chat tu my dame, and dine here; and yeux mai go to the faire if yeux

plaise; yeux mai have fiche, muttin, porc, buter, foule, hair, fruit,

pigeon, olives, sallette, forure diner, and excellent te, cafe, port

vin, an liqueurs; and tell ure bette and poll to comme; and Ile go tu

the faire and visite the Baron. But if yeux dont comme tu us, Ile go to

ure house and se oncle, and se houe he does; for mi dame se he bean

ill; but deux comme; mi dire yeux canne ly here yeux nos; if yeux love

musique, yeux mai have the harp, lutte, or viol heere. Adieu, mi dire


* * * * *