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Literary Dinners

Incredible as it may appear, it is sometimes stated very confidently,

that English authors and actors who give dinners, are treated with greater

indulgence by certain critics than those who do not. But, it has never

been said that any critical journal in England, with the slightest

pretensions to respectability, was in the habit of levying black mail in

this Rob Roy fashion, upon writers or articles of any kind. Yet it is

/> alleged, on high authority, that many of the French critical journals

are or were principally supported from such a source. For example, there

is a current anecdote to the effect that when the celebrated singer

Nourrit died, the editor of one of the musical reviews waited on his

successor, Duprez, and, with a profusion of compliments and apologies,

intimated to him that Nourrit had invariably allowed 2000 francs a year

to the review. Duprez, taken rather aback, expressed his readiness to

allow half that sum. "Bien, monsieur," said the editor, with a shrug,

"mais, parole d'honneur, j'y perds mille francs."

* * * * *