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To Procure Hydrogen Gas

Provide a phial with a cork stopper, through which is thrust a piece

of tobacco-pipe. Into the phial put a few pieces of zinc, or small

iron nails; on this pour a mixture, of equal parts of sulphuric acid

(oil of vitriol) and water, previously mixed in a tea-cup, to prevent

accidents. Replace the cork stopper, with a piece of tobacco-pipe in

it; the hydrogen gas will then be liberated through the pipe into a

small steam. Apply the flame of a candle or taper to this steam, and

it will immediately take fire, and burn with a clear flame until all

the hydrogen in the phial be exhausted. In this experiment the zinc or

iron, by the action of the acid, becomes oxygenized, and is dissolved,

thus taking the oxygen from the sulphuric acid and water; the hydrogen

(the other constituent part of the water) is thereby liberated, and