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To Represent A Storm At Sea

Provide two strips of glass, whose frames are thin enough to admit

both strips freely into the groove of the lantern. On one of these

glasses paint the appearance of the sea from a smooth calm to a

violent storm. Let these representations run gradually into each

other, as in Fig. 9, and you will of course observe, that the more

natural and picturesque the painting is, the more natural and pleasing

will be the reflectio

On the other glass, Fig. 10, paint various vessels on the ocean,

observing to let that end where the storm is, appear in a state of

violent commotion, and the vessels as if raised on the waves in an

unsettled position, with heavy clouds about them.

You then pass the glasses slowly through the groove, and when you come

to that part where the storm is supposed to begin, move them gently up

and down, which will give the appearance of the sea and vessels being

agitated; increase the motion till they come to the height of the

storm. You will thus have a very natural representation of the sea and

ships in a calm and storm; and as you gradually draw the glasses back,

the tempest will subside, the sky appear clear, and the vessels glide

gently over the waves.

By the means of two or three glasses, you may also represent a battle

on land, or a naval engagement, with a variety of other pleasing