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To Make Several Rockets Rise Together Take Six Or Any Number Of

sky-rockets, of any size; then cut some strong packthread into pieces

of three or four yards long, and tie each end of these pieces to a

rocket in this manner:

Having tied one end of the packthread round the body of one rocket,

and the other end to another, take a second piece of packthread, and

make one end of it fast to one of the rockets already tied, and the

other end to a third rocket, so that all th
rockets, except the two

on the outside, will be fastened to the two pieces of packthread: the

length of thread from one rocket to the other may be what the maker

pleases; but the rockets must be all of a size, and their heads filled

with the same weight of stars, rains, &c.

Having thus done, fix in the mouth of each rocket a leader of the same

length; and when about to fire them, hang them almost close; then tie

the ends of the leaders together, and prime them; this prime being

fired, all the rockets will mount at the same time, and divide as far

as the strings will allow; and this division they keep, provided they

are all rammed alike, and well made. They are sometimes called

chained rockets.