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The Card In The Egg

Take a card, the same as your long card, and, rolling it up very
close, put it in an egg, by making a hole as small as possible, and
which you are to fill up carefully with white wax. You then offer the
long card to be drawn, and when it is replaced in the pack, you
shuffle the cards several times, giving the egg to the person who drew
the card, and while he is breaking it, you privately withdraw the long
card, that it may appear, upon examining the cards, to have gone from
the pack into the egg. This may be rendered more surprising by having
several eggs, in each of which is placed a card of the same sort, and
then giving the person the liberty to choose which egg he thinks fit.

This deception may be still further diversified, by having, as most
public performers have, a confederate, who is previously to know the
egg in which the card is placed; for you may then break the other
eggs, and show that the only one that contains a card is that in which
you directed it to be.

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