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Indelible Marking Ink Without A Preparation

Dissolve separately one
ounce of Nitrate of Silver and one and one-half ounces of Sub-Carbonate
of Soda (best washing soda) in rain water. Mix the solutions and
collect and wash the precipitate in a filter; while still moist rub it
up in a marble or hardwood mortar with three drachms of Tartaric Acid,
add two ounces of Rain Water, mix six drachms White Sugar and ten
drachms powdered Gum Arabic, one-half ounce Archill and Water to make
up six ounces in measure. It should be put up in short drachm bottles
and sold at twenty-five cents. This is the best ink for marking clothes
that has ever been discovered. There is a fortune in this recipe, as a
good marking ink is very salable.

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