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Jockey Tricks

How to make a horse appear as though he was badly
Take a fine wire and fasten it tightly around the fetlock,
between the foot and the heel, and smooth the hair over it. In twenty
minutes the horse will show lameness. Do not leave it on over nine
hours. To make a horse lame
Take a single hair from its tail, put it
through the eye of a needle, then lift the front leg and press the skin
between the outer and middle tendon or cord, and shove the needle
through, cut off the hair each side and let down the foot. The horse
will go lame in twenty minutes. How to make a horse stand by his food
and not take it
Grease the front teeth and the roof of the mouth with
common beef tallow, and he will not eat until you wash it out. This, in
conjunction with the above, will consummate a complete founder. How to
cure a horse from the crib or sucking wind
Saw between the upper
teeth to the gums. How to put a young countenance on a horse
Make a
small incision in the sunken place over the eye, insert the point of a
goose quill and blow it up; close the external wound with a thread, and
it is done. To cover up the heaves
Drench the horse with one-fourth
pound of common bird-shot, and he will not heave until they pass
through him. To make a horse appear as if he had the glanders
four ounces fresh Butter and pour into his ear. To distinguish between
glanders and distemper
The discharge from the nose in glanders will
sink in water; in distemper it floats. How to make a true pulling horse
Take Tincture of Cantharides one ounce, and Corrosive Sublimate
one drachm; mix and bathe his shoulder at night. How to serve a horse
that is lame
Make a small incision about half way from the knee to
the joint on the outside of the leg, and at the back part of the shin
bone you will find a small, white tendon or cord; cut it off and close
the external wound with a stitch, and he will walk off on the hardest
pavement and not limp a particle.

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