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Popularity Of The Pickwick Papers

Mr. Davy, who accompanied Colonel Cheney up the Euphrates, was for a

time in the service of Mehemet Ali Pacha. "Pickwick" happening to reach

Davy while he was at Damascus, he read a part of it to the Pacha, who

was so delighted with it, that Davy was, on one occasion, called up in

the middle of the night to finish the reading of the chapter in which

he and the Pacha had been interrupted. Mr. Davy read, in Egypt, upon

another occasion, some passages from these unrivalled "Papers" to a

blind Englishman, who was in such ecstasy with what he heard, that he

exclaimed he was almost thankful he could not see he was in a foreign

country; for that while he listened, he felt completely as though he

were again in England.--Lady Chatterton.

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