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Relics Of The Boar's Head Tavern Eastcheap

The portal of the Boar's Head was originally decorated with carved oak

figures of Falstaff and Prince Henry; and in 1834, the former figure was

in the possession of a brazier, of Great Eastcheap, whose ancestors had

lived in the shop he then occupied since the great fire. The last grand

Shakspearean dinner-party took place at the Boar's Head about 1784. A

boar's head, with silver tusks, which had been suspended in some room in

the house, perhaps the Half Moon or Pomegranate, (see Henry IV., Act.

ii., scene 3,) at the great fire, fell down with the ruins of the

houses, little injured, and was conveyed to Whitechapel Mount, where it

was identified and recovered about thirty years ago.

* * * * *