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The Restored Flowers

Make a bouquet of artificial flowers; the leaves should be formed of
parchment. Dip the roses in the red invisible ink, the jonquilles in
the yellow, the pinks in the violet, and the leaves in the green ink.
They will all appear white; and you show them to the company,
observing, that you will restore them to their natural colours, and
desiring any person to fix any private mark on them he pleases, that
he may be sure there is no deception. You then, unperceived by the
company, dip them in the revivifying liquor, used to make the yellow
ink visible, described in page 24, and, drawing them gently out, that
the liquor may drop, and the flowers have time to acquire their
colours, you present them to the company, who will see, with surprise,
that they each appear in their natural colours.

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