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The Perspective Mirror

Provide a box, A B C D, Fig. 24, of about two feet long, 15 inches
wide, and 12 inches high. At the end A C, place the concave mirror,
the focus of whose parallel rays is 18 inches from the reflecting
surface. At I L place a pasteboard, blacked, in which a hole is cut,
sufficiently large to see on the mirror H the object placed at B E F
D. Cover the top of the box, from A to I, close, that the mirror H may
be entirely darkened. The other part, I B, must be covered with glass,
under which is placed a gauze, or oiled paper, to prevent the inside
from being seen. Make an aperture at G, near the top of the side E B,
beneath which, on the inside, place in succession, paintings of
vistas, landscapes, figures, &c., so that they may be in front of the
mirror H. Let the box be placed that the objects may be strongly
illuminated by the sun, or by wax-lights placed under the enclosed
part of the box A I. By this simple construction, the objects placed
at G D will be thrown into their natural perspective, and if the
subjects be properly chosen and well executed, the appearance will be
both wonderful and pleasing.

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