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Presidents Of The United States

Declaration of Independence July 4th, 1776

General Washington, first President. 1789 and 1793

John Adams 1797

Thomas Jefferson 1801 and 1805

James Madison 1809 and 1813

James Monroe 1817 and 1821

John Quincy Adams 1825

General Andrew Jackson 1829 and 1833

Martin Van Buren 1837

General William Henry Harrison (died 4th April) 1841

John Tyler (elected as Vice-President). 1841

James Knox Polk 1845

General Zachary Taylor (died 9th July, 1850) 1849

Millard Fillmore (elected as Vice-President) 1850

General Franklin Pierce 1853

James Buchanan 1857

Abraham Lincoln (assassinated 14th April, 1865) 1861 and 1865

Andrew Johnson (elected as Vice-President) 1865

General Ulysses S. Grant 1869 and 1873

Rutherford B. Hayes 1877

General J. Abram Garfield (died 19th September, 1881) 1881

General Chester A. Arthur (elected as V. Pres.) 1881

Grover Cleveland 1885

Benjamin H. Harrison 1889

Grover Cleveland 1893

William McKinley (elected) 1897

(Re-elected) 1901

(Assassinated September 14, 1901)

Theodore Roosevelt (elected Vice-President) 1901

(Became President September 14) 1901

Theodore Roosevelt (elected) 1905

Wm. H. Taft 1909

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