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The Names Of The Months


January.--The Roman god Janus presided over the beginning of everything;
hence the first month of the year was called after him.

February.--The Roman festival Februs was held on the 15th day of this
month, in honor of Lupercus, the god of fertility.

March--Named from the Roman god of war, Mars.

April.--Latin, Aprilis, probably derived from aperire, to open; because
spring generally begins, and the buds open in this month.

May.--Lat. Maius, probably derived from Maia, a feminine divinity
worshiped at Rome on the first day of this month.

June.--Juno, a Roman divinity worshiped as the Queen of Heaven.

July (Julius)--Julius Caesar was born in this month.

August.--Named by the Emperor Augustus Caesar, B. C. 30, after himself,
as he regarded it as a fortunate month, being that in which he had
gained several victories.

September (septem, or 7).--September was the seventh month in the old
Roman calendar.

October (octo, or 8).--Eighth month of the old Roman year.

November (novem, or 9).-November was the ninth month in the old Roman

December (decem, or 10).--December was the tenth month of the early
Roman year. About the 21st of this month the sun enters the Tropic of
Capricorn, and forms the winter solstice.

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