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The Names Of The States

Alabama--Indian; meaning Here we rest.

Arkansas--Kansas, the Indian name for smoky water, with the French
prefix arc, bow or bend in the principal river.

California--Caliente Fornala, Spanish for hot furnace, in allusion to
the climate.

Colorado--Spanish; meaning colored, from the red color of the Colorado

Connecticut--Indian; meaning long river.

Delaware--Named in honor of Lord De La Ware.

Florida--Named by Ponce de Leon, who discovered it in 1512, on Easter
Day, the Spanish Pascua de Flores, or Feast of Flowers.

Georgia--In honor of George II. of England.

Illinois--From the Indian illini, men, and the French suffix ois,
together signifying tribe of men.

Indiana--Indian land. Iowa--Indian; meaning beautiful land.'

Kansas--Indian; meaning smoky water.

Kentucky--Indian for at the head of the river, or the dark and bloody

Louisiana--In honor of Louis XIV. of France.

Maine--From the province of Maine, in France.

Maryland--In honor of Henrietta Maria, queen of Charles I. of England.

Massachusetts--The place of the great hills (the blue hills southwest of

Michigan--The Indian name for a fish weir. The lake was so called from
the fancied resemblance of the lake to a fish trap.

Minnesota--Indian; meaning sky-tinted water.

Mississippi--Indian; meaning great father of waters. Missouri--Indian;
meaning muddy.

Nebraska--Indian; meaning water valley.

Nevada--Spanish; meaning snow-covered, alluding to the mountains.

New Hampshire--From Hampshire county, England.

New Jersey--In honor of Sir George Carteret, one of the original
grantees, who had previously been governor of Jersey Island.

New York--In honor of the Duke of York.

North and South Carolina--Originally called Carolina, in honor of
Charles IX. of France.

Ohio--Indian; meaning beautiful river.

Oregon--From the Spanish oregano, wild marjoram, which grows
abundantly on the coast.

Pennsylvania--Latin; meaning Penn's woody land.

Rhode Island--From a fancied resemblance to the island of Rhodes in the

Tennessee--Indian; meaning river with the great bend.

Texas--Origin of this name is unknown.

Vermont--French; meaning green mountain.

Virginia--In honor of Elizabeth, the Virgin Queen.

Wisconsin--Indian; meaning gathering of the waters, or wild rushing

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